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Why Clear Honeysuckle?

Bush Honeysuckle (Lonicera Maackii), is a problematic invasive species in the Midwest. Over time, Honeysuckle can form into large thatches, requiring considerable time and effort to remove. Left untreated, Honeysuckle can grow rapidly, robbing native plants and grass of sunlight, oxygen, and fertile soil. The result can be large areas of Honeysuckle overgrowth and the destruction of native flora. 

What is the best way to remove large amounts of Honeysuckle bushes and thatch?

There is good news: invasive honeysuckle bushes can be removed any time of the year in Missouri. To most effectively eradicate Honeysuckle, it needs to be removed at the root level. Merely chopping or mowing the bushes will not destroy it. In fact, cutting the plant close to the surface can result in accelerated growth and budding of the plant.

TriTerra offers professional, experienced Honeysuckle clearing done quickly, cost-effectively, and safely. We use our New Holland C238 with a heavy-duty Fecon Mulching head. This allows us to access even the densest of Honeysuckle growth into its root structure, providing long-term effectiveness against regrowth. The biodegradable mulch that results nourishes the soil, which in turn nourishes native plants, grass, and trees.  It also helps prevent erosion. 

TriTerra saves you time and money by clearing your Honeysuckle fast. Not sure if your invasive species is Honeysuckle? Just send us a picture and we can tell you instantly. 

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Is This You?

  • Need to clear invasive species
  • Honeysuckle is taking over trees and structures
  • Honeysuckle is destroying land and flora
  • Property looks overrun due to Honeysuckle
  • Need property cleared of Honeysuckle to look pristine

If any of the above apply to you, reach out to our team to discuss your options.